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Desmodur® IL BA, Desmodur® IL EA

Aromatic Polyisocyanate Crosslinkers Based On TDI

Desmodur® IL BA, Desmodur® IL EA - Description

Aromatic polyisocyante resins based on TDI which are used as hardeners for fast-drying two-component polyurethane coatings and adhesives.

Desmodur® IL BA, Desmodur® IL EA

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Desmodur® IL BA:

  • Extremely fast-curing and fast drying
  • Early sandability
  • Compatible with a number of Desmophen products such as Desmophen 1300 and 1100 and with Desmodur products such as Desmodur L and N

Desmodur® IL EA:

  • Extremely fast-curing and fast initial drying
  • Early sandability
  • Suitable for room temperature crosslinking
  • Increases resistance of bonds to heat, oil, plasticizers and many solvents
  • Ensures good adhesion to many materials, especially plastics
  • Can be used in combination with various Baycoll and Desmocoll products or other hydroxyl-bearing substances to formulate adhesives

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