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Elastomeric Polyurethanes for Hot Melt Adhesives

Desmomelt® - Description

Desmomelt® polyurethanes have been specifically designed for the formulation of non-solvent, high-performance hot melt adhesives. Offered as granules or powders, Desmomelt® products are fast-crystallizing, high molecular weight thermoplastic polyurethanes terminated with hydroxyl groups. They are ideally suited for applications in the textile, footwear, automotive and furniture industries.


More information about Desmomelt®

Adhesives based on Desmomelt® polyurethanes can be formulated as free films or applied via scatter coating. They have excellent adhesion and resistance properties and are suitable for bonding many different materials, e.g. leather, textiles, wood fiberboard, various plastics including polyurethane elastomers and flexible PVC.

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