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Silane Terminated Prepolymers For Moisture Curing Adhesives, Sealants, and Coatings

Desmoseal® - Description

Desmoseal® S silane-terminated polyurethanes (STPs) combine the benefits of a polyurethane backbone with a silane-based curing mechanism. These polyurethane prepolymers are terminated by a unique tri-functional alkoxy-silane end group. This combination allows elastic sealants and flexible adhesives to be formulated without, solvents or labeling. The adhesives and sealants offer excellent cohesive strength and good adhesive properties.


More information about Desmoseal®

With their unique properties, Desmoseal® prepolymers are used to formulate hybrid, one-component (1K), moisture-curing products with a wide range of performance characteristics. These characteristics include:

• Low-modulus sealants with high elongation

• Structural adhesives with high hardness and high tensile strength

• Good adhesion to different substrates (in many cases without primer) combined with good cohesive and elastic properties

• Good adhesive strength

• Good elastic recovery

• Excellent mechanical properties

• Bubble-free curing, even in thick layers

• High reactivity (reduced need for catalyst)

• Recoatability

• Good additive compatibility

• Easily dilutable with various solvents


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