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Self-crosslinking Resin Binder for 1K Stoving Systems

Desmotherm® - Description

Desmotherm® 2170 is an aromatic, self-crosslinking urethane resin used primarily as a binder in one-component (1K) stoving polyurethane systems. It is ideal for highly flexible primers, intermediate coats, primer surfacers, and thin coil-coating primers.


More information about Desmotherm®

Being a self-crosslinking stoving urethane resin, the product contains the amount of polyol required for crosslinking as well as the hardener. The film properties can be modified by combination with various polyesters from the Desmophen® urethane resins grades, amino resins and flexibilizers.

When formulating coatings with Desmotherm®, temperatures should not exceed 60° C or a crosslinking reaction will start. Optimum film properties are obtained after approximately 30 minutes at 130° C. Overbaking at approximately 180° C is possible without any significant deterioration in film quality.

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