Diafil - Description

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a natural silica source formed from the sedimentation of single cell aquatic organisms called diatoms. DE can form in marine or fresh water environments and exhibit properties that are related to their unique shape and structure. These properties vary according to the diatom species found in each deposit, each with differing chemistries, shape factor and pore structures. Diatomite is the name of processed DE.

Natural grades are dried, milled and classified. The naturally bright ore is dried at about 200° C, sized and packaged. There is no high heat treatment. These products typically contain less than 0.1% crystalline silica. DiaFil grades are highly effective in gloss and sheen control.  


More information about Diafil

• Excellent flatting ability
• Excellent touch up properties
• Good burnish resistance
• Chemically inert
• Low crystalline silica <0.1%
• Low bulk density
• Easy dispersion
• Low carbon footprint
• Very good tint retention
• High porosity and surface area
• Thermal and chemical stability
• Unique particle structure, shape and size
• Low specific gravity
• Minimal interaction with other additives
• Whiteness

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