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DN-Age LS9547

INCI Name:Water (and) Glycerin (and) Cassia Alata Leaf Extract

DN-Age LS9547 - Description

DN-Age LS9547 is an extract of the leaves of the candle tree (Senna alata (L.) Roxb) specifically selected for its high amount of K3OS (Kaempferol-3-O-Sophoroside). KO3S is over expressed in the sun-exposed leaves, as a natural protective system of the plant against UV radiations. It acts on the deep effects of UV radiation on the skin, by reducing the photo-induced damages on DNA at the nuclear and mitochondrial levels, but also by acting on the visible signs of photo-aging such as the prevention of microrelief alteration due to sun exposure (demonstrated by a clinical study).

DN-Age LS9547

More information about DN Age LS9547

  • Extracted from Cassia alata leaves and titrated in flavonoids, DN-Age LS9547 has demonstrated its benefits to preserving hair from graying and keeping with its strength properties.
  • New results prove that DN-Age LS9547 helps skin to protect against the deleterious effects of Blue Light.

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