Dracorin CE - Description

Dracorin CE is an O/W emulsifier that is also permitted for the use in food according to food law. It is a combination of Glycerinmono-/Distearates and of Citric acid esters of Mono- and Diglycerides.

The great advantage of Dracorin CE is its natural base of raw materials, it is free of any synthetic petrochemical raw materials or ethylene oxide. Dracorin CE supports consistency and oil-binding capacity and is provided in pellet form for ease of use.

Dracorin CE

More information about Dracorin CE

  • Natural, 100% based on vegetable, renewable feedstock Powerful anionic O/W emulsifier and co-emulsifier
  • Pellet form guarantees easy handling and no dust formation in production
  • Particularly suitable for emulsification of polar oils
  • Exhibits best emulsifying performance at slightly acidic pH (well corresponding to the natural pH of human skin)
  • Improves the consistency of the formulation
  • Excellent skin and eye compatibility

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