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Duramac Flat Alkyds

Conventional Solids Modified Alkyd Resins For Gloss Reduction

Duramac Flat Alkyds - Description

Duramac® flat alkyds are designed for use as blending resins in alkyd paints to achieve gloss reduction. These resins afford good dry and enamel holdout characteristics as well as providing good viscosity control.

Duramac Flat Alkyds

More information about Duramac Flat Alkyds

Duramac 56-5619 is a higher solids flat alkyd providing good dry and enamel holdout characteristics.

Duramac 56-5633 is a flat wall alkyd providing good dry, holdout and soil removal characteristics.

Duramac 207-1388 is a flat alkyd used as a modifying resin for alkyd paints featuring good viscosity control, good compatibility with other resins, and good enamel holdout.


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