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Duramac Latex Modifiers

Very Long Oil Alkyd Resins Compatible with Latex Emulsions

Duramac Latex Modifiers - Description

Duramac® latex modifiers are very long oil alkyd resins designed for use as modifiers in latex based paints to reduce surface tension and improve the adhesion to chalky substrates. These resins can also be used as modifiers in solvent based paints and stains to reduce VOC’s.

Duramac Latex Modifiers

More information about Duramac Latex Modifiers

Duramac HS 55-5501 is a versatile very long oil alkyd. It has good compatibility with alkyds and latex emulsion polymers. This resin provides good pigment wetting, excellent substrate wetting and good adhesion to chalky surfaces. It is utilized in oil-based exterior house paints and stains, as well as a modifier for exterior latex house paints and stains for chalky surface adhesion.


Duramac HS 55-5543 is a 100% solids alkyd typically used to improve adhesion and wetting properties of exterior architectural latex paints. This resin can also be used as a modifier in lower solids alkyd formulations to lower the VOC of these paints.


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