Dynasylan 1146 - Description

Hydrophobic Dynasylan 1146 diaminofunctional silane is used in adhesives and sealants, and in coatings, to improve the adhesion of amino-reactive resins (e.g. RTV-silicones, two-part urethanes, silylated urethanes, MS polymers, and two-part epoxies) to inorganic surfaces, plastic surfaces, and inorganic fillers.

Dynasylan 1146

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Dynasylan 1146 silane is characterized by randomly distributed linear and cyclic oligosiloxanes and it fulfills the OECD polymer definition. Its low volatility and viscosity make compounding easy. Dynasylan 1146 silane produces significantly less by-product (VOC) and has a correspondingly low odor level during application.

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