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Dynasylan 4148

Polyethyleneglycol-functional alkoxysilane

Dynasylan 4148 - Description

Dynasylan 4148 helps to control rheological properties and to reduce viscosity in highly-filled polymer systems, like aluminum trihydroxide-filled polyesters or SMC-pastes.

Contrary to most other organofunctional silanes, Dynasylan 4148 features chemical polarity yet remaining chemically not reactive. Such a product is used as a hydrophilic compatibilizer rather than a covalent adhesion promoter.

Dynasylan 4148

More information about Dynasylan 4148

Dynasylan 4148 helps to increase pigment dispersion predominantly in aqueous media, thus leading to an enhanced gloss of a typical coating.

As a non-coupling silane, Dynasylan 4148 can dramatically reduce the dispersion viscosity of aluminum trihydroxide and many other fillers and pigments. Because of better wetting and dispersion, outstanding filler or pigment loadings at a given viscosity can be realized with Dynasylan 4148.

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