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Dynasylan 6490

Reactive vinyl siloxane oligomer, methoxy functional

Dynasylan 6490 - Description

Dynasylan 6490 is a vinyl silane concentrate (oligomeric siloxane) containing vinyl and methoxy groups.

Dynasylan 6490 is an excellent compatibiliser between inorganic fillers (e.g. kaolin, MDH, ATH) and organic polymers (e.g. EPDM, EVA, PE).

Dynasylan 6490

More information about Dynasylan 6490

The high boiling point of Dynasylan 6490, together with its high flash point, gives it outstanding advantages with respect to safety and handling during processing. From an environmental viewpoint it should be noted that the amount of released hydrolysis methanol (VOC) is significantly reduced compared to monomeric vinyl silanes.

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