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Dynasylan DAMO


Dynasylan DAMO - Description

Dynasylan DAMO is a diamino-functional silane which acts as an adhesion promoter between inorganic materials (for example glass, metals and fillers) and organic polymers (thermosets, thermoplastics and elastomers) and as a surface modifier.

Dynasylan DAMO

More information about Dynasylan DAMO

Dynasylan DAMO is a colourless to slightly yellowish liquid with an amine-like odour which is soluble in alcohols and aliphatic as well as aromatic hydrocarbons.

The most important effects which can be achieved using Dynasylan DAMO are:

Improvement in product properties, such as

  • Flexural strength, tensile strength, impact strength and modulus of elasticity

  • Moisture and corrosion resistance

Improvement in processing properties, such as

  • Adhesion


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