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Dynasylan HYDROSIL 2627

Reactive organofunctional siloxane oligomer in water

Dynasylan HYDROSIL 2627 - Description

Dynasylan HYDROSIL 2627 provides the producer of high-performance laminate materials with an adhesion promoter between inorganic materials (glass, minerals and metals) and organic polymers (thermosets, thermoplastics and elastomers).

Dynasylan HYDROSIL 2627 is an organosilicon compound (aminofunctional oligomeric siloxane) based on water as the solvent and contains no volatile organic constituents.

Dynasylan HYDROSIL 2627

More information about Dynasylan HYDROSIL 2627

Dynasylan HYDROSIL 2627 is a clear to slightly yellowish liquid. The following advantages are obtained over solution conventional organofunctional silanes:

  • Increased product and processing reliability: no liberation of flammable organic constituents flash point > 100 °C

  • Process flexibility: processing possible at elevated temperatures and in the vicinity of ignition sources or static charge

  • Applicational advantage: in polymer systems based on water as the solvent

  • Environmental protection: hydrolysis does not result in liberation of volatile organic substances

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