Dynasylan MTMS - Description

Dynasylan MTMS, an alkyltrialkoxysilane, is an important component in sol-gel systems.

In some sol-gel applications Dynasylan MTMS is partially hydrolyzed to form a preproduct that can be further crosslinked using temperature.

Dynasylan MTMS

More information about Dynasylan MTMS

Dynasylan MTMS is a colorless, low-viscosity liquid. Use requires acid- or alkali-catalysed hydrolysis. Dynasylan MTMS is regarded as trifunctional since all three alkoxy groups are able to participate in this reaction.

Additionally Dynasylan MTMS contains a methyl group that adds organic character to the products. Hydrolysis leads to silanol groups which, in a subsequent condensation reaction, form very stable siloxane bonds (-Si-O-Si-). 

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