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Dynasylan SILBOND 40

Ethyl polysilicates

Dynasylan SILBOND 40 - Description

Dynasylan SILBOND 40 is a clear, low-viscosity liquid with a minimum silica content of 40.0% (the Si content of Dynasylan SILBOND 40 is calculated as SiO2).          

Dynasylan SILBOND 40 is an ethyl polysilicate that is the partially hydrolyzed product of tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS). The partial hydrolysis of TEOS (Si[OEt]4) results in the conversion of ethoxy groups to hydroxyl groups forming silanols. Subsequent condensation of silanols will form siloxane bonds (-Si-O-Si-O-) and eventually cause the material to gel.  

Dynasylan SILBOND 40

More information about Dynasylan SILBOND 40

Dynasylan SILBOND 40 is used to deposit silicic acid formed as a result of complete hydrolysis. The resulting silicic acid bonds well to many inorganic substrates, such as glass, ceramic, metal, fillers, pigments, and synthetic fibers. The deposition of a thin SiO2 layer improves the chemical and thermal stability and mechanical properties.    

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