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Dynasylan SILBOND Condensed

Tetraethyl orthosilicate

Dynasylan SILBOND Condensed is a clear, low-viscosity liquid with a minimum silica content of 28.0% (the Si content of Dynasylan SILBOND Condensed is calculated as SiO2).

Dynasylan SILBOND Condensed is immiscible with water, so hydrolysis requires the use of a co-solvent such as ethanol. Suitable catalysts are mineral acids or ammonia, or even acetic acid and amines.     

Dynasylan SILBOND Condensed is tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS; Si[OEt]4), and is used as a raw material for acid- or alkali- catalyzed hydrolysis and subsequent condensation reactions, commonly known as the sol-gel process. The gelation rate is dependent upon the concentration of water and the pH.  

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