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Dynasylan SILBOND Pure

Tetraethyl orthosilicate 99.0%

Dynasylan SILBOND Pure - Description

Dynasylan SILBOND Pure is a clear, low-viscosity liquid that is essentially pure tetraethyl orthosilicate monomer (99.0%). Dynasylan SILBOND Pure is used as a building block for zeolites and catalyst carriers, crosslinking agent, chemical intermediate, clear-coat component, and in any other application requiring pure TEOS monomer.

Dynasylan SILBOND Pure

More information about Dynasylan SILBOND Pure

Dynasylan SILBOND Pure is immiscible with water, so hydrolysis requires the use of a co-solvent such as ethanol. Suitable catalysts are mineral acids or ammonia, or even acetic acid and amines.

Partial hydrolysis gives hydrolysates of Dynasylan SILBOND Pure whose shelf-life depends on the amount of water and solvent used.  The amount of water determines the activity of the hydrolysate.  Activity and shelf-life are inversely proportional. The correct choice for the amount of water can give hydrolysates, which have a shelf life of up to a year (from the time of manufacture).

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