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Eldew PS-203

INCI Name: Phytosteryl, Octyldodecyl Lauroyl Glutamate

Eldew PS-203 - Description

Eldew is an emollient derived from glutamic acid, natural fatty acid, higher alcohol and phytosterol.

Our research has confirmed that Eldew forms lamella liquid crystals identical to ceramide. As a result, Eldew, a ceramide-like aminoacid derivative, yields emollient efficacy comparable to that of a ceramide.

Eldew PS-203

More information about Eldew PS 203

  • Keeps skin in good conditions. Functions similar to intercellular lipids.

  • Repairs hair damaged by hair waving and hair dyeing/coloring treatments and function similar to CMC.

  • Excellent emolliency.

  • High water holding capacity.

  • Excellent in pigments dispersion and emulsion stabilization.

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