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Emulgade PL 68/50

INCI Name: Cetearyl Glucoside (and) Cetearyl Alcohol

Emulgade PL 68/50 - Description

Emulgade PL 68/50 is a natural self-emulsifying cream base, that demonstrates good skin compatibility--even with sensitive skin. Based on APG, it builds biomimetic lamellar creams that exhibit the same lamellar structure as natural skin lipids. This product is ideally used in sun care, face care, body care, baby care, anti-aging and sensitive skin care applications. It is 100% vegetable derived, is supplied in ivory colored pellets, and has a use level of 3-6%.

Emulgade PL 68/50

More information about Emulgade PL 68 50

  • Builds biomimetic lamellar creams

  • Strengthens the lamellar packaging of stratum corneum lipids and thus the skin barrier

  • Based on APG technology

  • Ethylene oxide-free

  • Very mild and suitable for sensitive skin concepts

  • Highly efficient at low dosages

  • Supports skin softness due to positive effect on upper skin layers

  • Suitable for modern, light and natural emulsion concepts

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