Exilva F 01-L - Description

Exilva F 01-L is a bio-based, 100% natural, pre-activated, odorless, multifunctional microfibrillated cellulose. It increases formulation efficiency and reduces carbon dioxide footprint. This grade is a 2% suspension. Exilva F 01-L has a shelf life of 1 year with dosage level of 15-25 %w/w.

Exilva F 01-L

More information about Exilva F 01 L

  • Non-toxic, anti-blocking, pseudoplastic, highly entangled fibril aggregate with improved spraying and zero VOC
  • Improves rheology and stability of water-based, high quality, smooth surface flat paints, indoor paints, architectural and industrial paints and coatings
  • Reduces mud-cracking during drying of acrylic pigmented systems and in paints having a high application film-build
  • Prevents the viscosity loss after tinting and reduces the color float of the coating
  • Offers improved syneresis and dispersion and anti-settling of particles
  • Shows good compatibility with polar solvents, surfactants and salts
  • Forms a non-soluble fiber network with high yield stress and polymer-like properties
  • Offers sag/ drip control, improved workability, structuring and enhanced properties of cured formulations
  • Provides longer open time, increased film strength, better adhesion, good water resistance, oxygen barrier, improved durability and reinforcing effect

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