Exilva P 01-L - Description

Exilva P 01-L is a microfibrillated cellulose that is a multifunctional bio-based additive. The Exilva P series is designed to provide high control of rheology in systems where large/heavy particulates are present and make stabilization complex. This grade is available as a 2% suspension.

Exilva P 01-L

More information about Exilva P 01 L

  • Remains solid in water
  • Not dependent on alkali for activation of thickening mechanism
  • Highly entangled fibril aggregates dispersed in water (not dissolved)
  • Interacts both physically and chemically with its surroundings
  • Stable viscosity at different pH, temperatures and salt concentrations
  • Has good compatibility with solvents, surfactants, salts, etc.

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