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Flame Retardant UV Stabilizer for Polyolefin

Flamestab - Description

Flamestab NOR 116 is a monomeric N-alkoxy hindered amine (NOR HAS) which acts as a flame retardant in Polyolefin applications. It shows flame retardancy efficacy in polyolefin fibers, nonwovens and films at concentrations as low as 1%. Flamestab NOR 116 shows excellent polymer compatibility and high extraction resistance. It also provides superior light and thermal stability to the polymer and shows low interaction with acidic species deriving from pesticide residues or other halogenated products.


More information about Flamestab

Flamestab NOR 116 is a low basicity NOR HAS which provides flame retardancy and UV- and long-term thermal stability to polyolefin fiber, films and tapes. It is a non-halogenated flame retardant and does not interact with

HALS. Flamestab NOR 116 is active at low concentrations compared to classical flame retardants. It is melt processable and does not reduce the mechanical properties of the polymer.

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