FORTEGRA 100 - Description

FORTEGRA 100 Epoxy Toughener is a low viscosity, high efficiency second phase toughening agent designed for use in epoxy formulations.

FORTEGRA 100 Epoxy Toughener can be easily formulated into standard bisphenol A and bisphenol F epoxy systems as it does not participate in the epoxy cure reaction. Once formulated with epoxy resin, a wide variety of curing agents are available for use with these products. The most frequently used are aliphatic polyamines, polyamides, amidoamines, cycloaliphatic amines, phenolics, anhydrides and modified versions of these curing agents.

FORTEGRA 100 Epoxy Toughener must be added only to the epoxy side of a thermoset formulation.

FORTEGRA 100 Epoxy Toughener can be incorporated under either high or low shear conditions and can also be post-added to the epoxy side of a formulation as long as care is taken to ensure that it is completely mixed into the epoxy before the curing agent side of the formulation is added. As a second phase toughening agent, FORTEGRA 100 Epoxy Toughener is effective when formulated at a specific volume fraction of the finished film or part. In a typical epoxy formulation, 3% to 8% by dry volume is needed to achieve the toughening effect.


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Provides improved toughness without significantly affecting the viscosity, glass transition temperature, corrosion resistance, cure rate or chemical resistance of the final coating or composite

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