FP-510 - Description

The FP-500 Series are highly efficient white opacity pigments for Plastics applications. The products introduce excellent optical properties to different type of plastics and allow formulation cost optimization by partial TiO2 replacement. FP-500 series opacity pigments are easy to incorporate in standard compounding operations and can be used in a wide range of plastic processing equipment; profile and pipe extrusion, film calandering and blowing. The proven patented products are used in PVC, polyolefin and EPDM applications.

FP-510 is a unique opacity pigment powder for use in plastic applications and is designed to give optimal optical properties enabling partial replacement of TiO2 in plastics. The engineered composite structure results in the optimized packing and spacing of pigment particles in the end use matrix, leading to an increased efficiency of TiO2 pigment.




More information about FP 510

  • Excellent hiding power and color performance

  • Excellent weatherability 

  • High gloss and brightness

  • No adverse effect on mechanical performance

  • Formulation cost optimization by partial TiO2 replacement - typical replacement of TiO2 is 10-15%


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