Fruitose S - Description

Fructose (aka fruit sugar) is a sweetener that is found naturally in fresh fruits, vegetables and honey. It has a sweetness range of 130 to 180 compared to sucrose at 100, thus is the sweetest natural sugar around. Austrade's fructose is made from pure sugar, rather than corn, and is available in different mesh sizes as well as certified Kosher for Passover.

Fruitose S

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  • bakery blends
  • beverages
  • candies
  • canned fruit
  • confectionery
  • cookies
  • desserts
  • dressings
  • flavors
  • frozen bakery
  • gummies
  • ice cream
  • jams & jellies
  • pies & pastries
  • puddings
  • sweets
  • syrups & sauces
  • waffles
  • yogurt

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