G-Series Ceramic Microspheres - Description

Zeeospheres G-Series Ceramic Microspheres are unique gray-colored, very fine particle size (as fine as 4 microns average particle size), very high strength (60,000 psi compressive strength), hard, inert ceramic microspheres. They are opaque to visible light, but transparent to UV light. Due to their low resin demand, high hardness and inert chemistry, these products have found utility as a spherical functional extender in a wide range of coatings and compounded polymeric materials. These products are typically used to reduce VOC levels in coatings, increase filler loadings, improve hardness, add burnish, scrub and abrasion resistance, reduce shrinkage & warping, lower viscosity & improve flow, and improve thermal stability.

G-Series Ceramic Microspheres

More information about G Series Ceramic Microspheres

  • Inert and free of crystalline silica

  • Lower viscosity, better flow, and improved sprayability

  • Higher filler loading to reduce costs

  • Burnish resistance and hardness

  • Enhanced packing for higher solids/lower VOCs, and reduced costs

  • Barrier effect - tight particle packing, combined with hardness and inertness, creates a durable, low-permeation film barrier against weather, corrosion and chemicals 

  • Standard equipment for dispersing - For optimum dispersion, sand, ball and roll mills are preferred. Equipment wear has been reported to be less than many irregularly shaped mineral fillers of equal or lower hardness


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