GEOlube 75 W 18000 - Description

GEOlube 75 W 18000 is a diol started random propylene oxide / ethylene oxide co-polymer manufactured to provide a viscosity of 18,000 cSt @ 40°C. It is water soluble at temperatures below 75°C and has two terminal hydroxyl groups.

The high viscosity and low volatility of this product make it very suitable neat for high temperature lubrication. It finds extensive application in polymer quenchants and water based hydraulic fluids, demonstrating excellent shear stability and providing good lubricity to the finished product.



GEOlube 75 W 18000

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GEOlube 75 W 18000 is compliant under the following FDA 21 CFR sections and may therefore be used in relevant applications where the potential for incidental food contact may exist.?

  • 175.105

  • 176.180

  • 176.200

  • 176.210

  • 177.1200

  • 178.3120

  • 178.3570


GEOlube 75 W 18000 conforms to the Halaal requirements in accordance with Islamic Law.

Kosher Status of GEOlube® 75 W 18000: Pareve Passover

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