GEOlube B 225 - Description

The GEOlube B-series is a range of monol initiated propylene oxide homo-polymers manufactured to provide a viscosity range from 10 to 335 cSt @ 40°C.

GEOlube B 225

More information about GEOlube B 225

  • GEOlube B 225 is FDA approved under 21CFR §178.3570 (Incidental contact with food) and can therefore be used in instances where the potential for food contamination exists. The FDA Status of this material has been independently certified by NSF and it is included in the current NSF White Book Listing of Nonfood Compounds.

  • Kosher Status of GEOlube B 225: Pareve Passover

  • GEOlube B 225 conforms to the Halal requirements in accordance with Islamic Law.

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