GEOlube FGL 320 - Description

The GEOlube FGL range of products consists of ISO VG lubricants formulated to provide the user with superior performance under demanding operating conditions. The range is formulated to achieve USDA / NSF H1 Registration.

Water soluble polyalkene glycol base stocks, known to provide outstanding micropitting and EP characteristics are used to manufacture these lubricants.

With the addition of a high performance additive package, these products are able to offer excellent thermal stability, high wear reduction rates, high micropitting resistance and load carrying ability, as well as good corrosion protection.

GEOlube FGL 320

More information about GEOlube FGL 320

  • GEOlube FGL 320 is fully approved and listed as such by Flender (gearbox OEM), for use in helical, bevel helical, planetary and worm gearboxes. Further details concerning these approvals can be provided on request.

  • GEOlube FGL 320 conforms to the Halaal requirements in accordance with Islamic Law.

  • GEOlube FGL 320 has been formulated using FDA compliant components, thus meeting the requirements of 21 CFR §178.3570 (lubricants suitable for incidental food contact). The FDA Status of this material has been independently certified by NSF and it is included in the current NSF White Book Listing of Nonfood Compounds.

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