GEOlube IL 320 SW - Description

GEOlube IL 320 SW is a water insoluble polyalkylene glycol lubricant, which offers outstanding load carrying properties and excellent thermal stability.

GEOlube IL 320 SW has been designed to provide excellent corrosion protection (ASTM D665, procedure B pass) and demulsibility characteristics (according to ASTM D1401).

GEOlube IL 320 SW is free of chlorine, sulphur and metal based additives, including lead. It remains homogeneous from below its pour point to temperatures in excess of 250°C. The anticipated service lifetime is substantially in excess of 10,000 hrs @ 100°C.

In industrial enclosed gear units, the performance allows for extended drain intervals and, in some cases, for operation as a “Fill for Life” lubricant.

GEOlube IL 320 SW

More information about GEOlube IL 320 SW

  • General approval has been given for this lubricant as a Type G lubricant in David Brown industrial enclosed gear units

  • GEOlube IL 320 SW conforms to the requirements of SKF for use in paper machines and is compliant with DIN 51517 Part 3, CLP oils

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