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GEOlube Quenchants

Aqueous Solutions of Polyalkylene Glycols and Corrosion Inhibitors

GEOlube Quenchants - Description

GEOlube Quenchants are non-flammable polymeric fluids manufactured from an aqueous solution of polyalkylene glycol and corrosion inhibitor. These are further diluted to a working concentration prior to use.

The range comprises of 4 products:

  • GEOlube Quenchant A - an established product that encompasses a nitrite based corrosion inhibition system.

  • GEOlube Quenchant NF 18 - a nitrite free alternative to GEOlube Quenchant A.

  • GEOlube Quenchant HT - for use in integral furnace / bath systems or where the quench volume is reduced. This product has a higher cloud point, thus minimising the risk of bulk inversion of the polymer.

  • GEOlube Quenchant HQA - a concentrate designed to be transported over long distances, the low water volume making the product more cost effective. Once at its destination, GEOlube Quenchant HQA can be diluted to manufacture Quenchant A, either for resale or as a usable product.

GEOlube Quenchants

More information about GEOlube Quenchants

Advantages of GEOlube Quenchants are as follows:

  • Eliminate fire risks due to the relatively high concentration of water.

  • Eliminate smoke, soot and oil quenchant residues, making a cleaner working environment and easier equipment maintenance.

  • High degree of flexibility since optimum conditions for a specific material or component may be determined by control of concentration, bath temperature and / or agitation.

  • Minimise the replacement and control requirements common to PVA and soluble oil quenchants due to deterioration and / or oxidation.

  • Minimise the residual stress, distortion and soft spotting associated with water quenching of aluminium based materials.

  • Produce clean components ready for further processing - drag out losses are reduced compared to oil and no degreasing is necessary.

  • The quenchant is fully soluble in water (below its cloud point) and easily mixed to the operating concentration.

  • Good anti-corrosion properties, protecting the quenching system.

  • Extended lifetime due to low levels of drag out and bath deterioration.

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