GEOlube RFL 68EP - Description

GEOlube RFL 68EP is a high performance novel poly-alkylene glycol lubricant for CO2 based air-conditioning / refrigeration systems.

Particular challenges and requirements exist when selecting lubricants for CO2 based refrigeration systems.

GEOlube RFL 68EP offers improved miscibility with CO2 over a wide range of lubricant concentrations and temperatures. This results in excellent lubricity and increased efficiency of the refrigeration system.

GEOlube RFL 68EP grade has reduced hygroscopicity compared with uncapped PAGs, which have a water absorbing tendency. It also offers high chemical, thermal and hydrolytic stability.

More information about GEOlube RFL 68EP

  • Miscibility with CO2 over a wide range of lubricant concentration and temperature

  • Reduced hygroscopicity compared with water absorbing tendency of uncapped PAGs

  • High chemical, thermal and hydrolytic stability

  • Excellent lubricity?

  • GEOlube RFL 68 EP conforms to the Halal requirements in accordance with Islamic Law

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