GEOlube SL 320 - Description

The GEOlube SL range of products consists of ISO VG lubricants formulated to provide the user with superior performance under demanding operating conditions.

Water soluble polyalkene glycol base stocks, known to provide outstanding micropitting and EP characteristics are used to manufacture these lubricants.

With the addition of a high performance additive package, these products are able to offer excellent thermal stability, high wear reduction rates, high micropitting resistance and load carrying ability, as well as good corrosion protection.

GEOlube SL 320

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The versatility exhibited by GEOlube® SL 680 means that this material finds use in a number of varied applications, including “Fill for life” disposable gearboxes, compressors (both rotary screw and reciprocating), textile lubricants, chain and conveyor lubricants, and kiln & oven lubricants.

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