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Glass Based Cosmetic Pigments

Silicate Pearlescent Pigments -Diamond, Glamour, Glassmira Series

Glass Based Cosmetic Pigments - Description

Our glass-based pearlescent pigments deliver exceptionally dramatic optical effects, including significant depth, sparkle and very intense spectral colors. Pigments in this category achieve exceptionally high levels of chromaticity, color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity.

At a relatively large particle size, but a thinner and smoother surface than competitive Borosilicates, our Diamond and Glamour pearls, offer formulators in the color cosmetics industry, the ability to create a brilliant, star-like glitter effects, using less pigment. This is a significant advantage when looking to maximize the dramatic effect provided by glass-based pigments. 

Product Offerings:

  • Diamond

  • Glamour

  • Glassmira

Glass Based Cosmetic Pigments

More information about Glass Based Cosmetic Pigments

  • Semi-transparent 

  • Colors based on combination of light interference and absorption color of metal oxide layer

  • Multiple surfaces of reflection give “pearl luster” finish

  • Adds great visual depth and dimensionality

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