Since their creation as the first commercial carbomers over 50 years ago, carbomer polymers have continued to be the highest quality carbomers on the market. Utilized in pharmaceutical products as rheology modifiers, tablet binders, suspension stabilizers, extended release polymers, mucoadhesive aids, and bioavailability enhancers, carbomer polymers are well known for their versatility and ease of use as pharmaceutical excipients. Products within the carbomer polymer family are chemically similar in that they are all high molecular weight, crosslinked polyacrylic acid polymers. However, these gel forming polymers differ by their chemical crosslinking and can be grouped into the following categories.


Carbomer homopolymers: acrylic acid crosslinked with allyl sucrose or allyl pentaerythritol
Carbomers homopolymers have self-affirmed GRAS status and have demonstrated good performance in tablet applications. When used at low levels (0.5 - 3%) as binders, they improve the hardness and friability of the tablets and enable target properties to be achieved at low compression forces. At higher levels (3 - 30%), they provide controlled release of the drugs. This particular granulated grade of carbomer polymer is designed to have improved flow properties and be suitable for direct compression process. It is chemically the same polymer, with no additives.

  • Directly compressible
  • self-affirmed GRAS

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