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Perlite is highly siliceous volcanic glass, containing from 2 to 5 percent combined water. When rapidly heated to the proper temperature, the vaporization of the water and the simultaneous softening of the glass, cause the perlite to suddenly expand, or “pop” into lightweight cellular particles. The control of this expansion and milling technology results in engineered products suitable for specific functions in a variety of applications.


Harborlite brand filter aid products can used across a broad spectrum of industrial filtration applications, providing excellent performance in many rotary vacuum pre-coat filter operations, forming an optimally thick permeable filter cake due to exceptionally low cake density characteristics. Harborlite filter aids can also often enhance the operation of pressure filters due to the ease of deposition of uniformly distributed precoats and complete dispersion of body feed in slurries. Among the features that make Harborlite perlite an outstanding filter aid are unique multihedral morphological structure, low bulk density, high void volume and porosity, relatively inert in most solvents, neutral pH, and low crystalline silica.



More information about Harborlite

Important physical properties of Perlite include:
• Unique particle shape and size
• Absorption properties
• Chemical and thermal stability
• Inertness
• Microporosity
• Large surface area
• Very low bulk density (lightweight)
• Inter-locking Ability
• Rigidity, but more flexible than DE

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