Hispagel 200 - Description

Hispagel 200 can be used as a base for water-soluble aqueous gels, as a moisturizing agent for skin care and hair care treatments or as a thickening and stabilizing agent for cosmetic formulations. It contains vegetally-derived glycerin that is readily soluble in water and forms a permeable film on the skin with excellent moisture retention and lubricating properties.

Hispagel 200

More information about Hispagel 200

  • Easy to use, high reliability in production

  • Crystal clear, immediate solubility in water

  • Outstanding sprayability: sprayable gels and emulsions

  • Good sensorial profile and supports moisturization

  • Rheological properties: Rheology modifier, thickener, and stabilizer in o/w emulsions

  • Thickening efficiency, no swelling time needed and cold processable

  • No neutralization needed

  • Hydroalcoholic products are possible up to about 50% ethanol

  • Works with a large pH range: 5 to 11

  • Good suspending properties

  • Hispagel 200 can be also a used for final adjustments of viscosity of emulsions added at the end at room temperature

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