Hydral - Description

Hydral grades are a line of specially precipitated white aluminum trihydroxide Al(OH)3. Hydral is halogen-free and is an outstanding flame retardant and smoke suppressant for thermoset and thermoplastic materials. It also improves arc-track resistance in many plastics used in electrical applications. When used as fillers, Hydral products can significantly increase the opacity and brightness of most papers including text and cover papers.

In coating applications, Hydral is used to impart brightness and gloss for annual report stock and paperboard. It has the added benefit of providing high ink receptivity.

Hydral is compatible with a full range of paper processing pH levels (4-10), and other paper fillers and chemicals.

As a reinforcing pigment in adhesives and adhesive tapes, Hydral products improve cold flow properties, maintain neutrality or alkalinity of the composition, and increase cohesion.

Hydral products are useful as a mild abrasive in waxes and polishes when a relatively soft and extremely fine polishing agent is required.

Hydral�s extreme fineness and smooth texture make it an excellent ingredient in cosmetic powders and lotions.


More information about Hydral

  • Regular crystal shape, narrower particle size distribution
  • Lower surface area, higher chemical purity
  • Select grades available with silane surface treatments (including vinyl, alkyl, phenyl)

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