HydriCryl 345 - Description

HydriCryl ™ 345 is an alcohol-free, ammonia neutralized solution of a low molecular weight, solid grade, styrene acrylic resin. This product offers excellent gloss in formulated overprint varnishes and is an excellent rheological modifier for water-based gravure or flexo inks. Hydricryl ™ 345 is compatible with standard styrene/acrylic polymers utilized in the graphic arts industry.

HydriCryl 345

More information about HydriCryl 345

  • Ready to use solution

  • Superb gloss modifier

  • High gloss for overprints

  • Low viscosity stability at high solids

  • Excellent rheological modifier for water-based inks and overprints

  • Excellent hold-out and printability with good rewet

  • Low odor

  • Excellent block modifier

  • Can be cross-linked with zinc or zirconium

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