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HydriPrint 141 (Lucidene 141)

Colloidal Dispersion

HydriPrint 141 (Lucidene 141) - Description

HydriPrint 141 is a colloidal dispersion designed for use in aqueous flexographic news inks, envelope inks and other systems that require fast drying, excellent resolubility and low foaming. It is compatible with many glycol and glycol ether solvents but does have limited compatibility with alcohol. Thorough testing of any solvent addition is recommended.

HydriPrint 141 (Lucidene 141)

More information about HydriPrint 141 Lucidene 141

  • Excellent pigment wetting, shear stability

  • Good viscosity stability

  • Excellent resolubility

  • Fast dry and excellent rewet for low basic weight paper

  • No second impression set-off

  • Limited alcohol compatibility

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