HydriPrint 330 - Description

HydriPrint™ 330 is a new unique molecular weight modified (MWM), hard film-forming styrene/acrylic polymer designed for use in coatings in wet offset applications. It exhibits outstanding wetting and flow properties over high density offset ink coverage, especially under extreme conditions (dry environment, high heat, etc.). 

Maximum performance properties can be achieved using this product as the sole emulsion polymer, although it can be used in combination with other non-filmforming polymers as well.

HydriPrint 330

More information about HydriPrint 330

  • Outstanding wetting for versatile performance overprint varnishes

  • Fast Drying

  • High Gloss

  • Non-Blocking

  • Good Water and Grease Resistance

  • Low Foaming

  • Very Low VOC

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