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HydriPrint 351 (Lucidene 351)

Modified Acrylic Emulsion Polymer

HydriPrint 351 (Lucidene 351) - Description

HydriPrint 351 is a modified acrylic polymer used in water-based laminating inks.  Bond strengths of more than 300 grams per linear inch are typical with inks formulated for polypropylene and laminated with polyethylene. This product is compatible with a broad range of alcohols and glycol ethers.

HydriPrint 351 (Lucidene 351)

More information about HydriPrint 351 Lucidene 351

  • Good adhesion to corona treated polyethylene, polypropylene and cellulosic films that can be subsequently coated with water/solvent-based laminating adhesives or extrusion primers without loss of adhesion

  • Used as a sole vehicle or as a letdown

  • Good viscosity stability

  • Fast solvent release and minimizes retained solvents during lamination

  • Promotes high bond strengths in film to film adhesive lamination

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