HydriPrint 603 (Lucidene 603) - Description

HydriPrint 603 is a soft, film forming polymer used as a modifier in overprint varnishes and as a letdown vehicle to provide adhesion to film and foil substrates. Good pigment wetting and viscosity stability allow it to be used in the grind stage of dry pigment dispersions. It is not as readily compatible with some of the alcohols (isopropanol and ethanol) however, is compatible with n-propanol and other glycol ether solvents. Predilution with water is recommended. Lucidene™ 603 is also compatible with the typical styrene/acrylic polymers utilized in the graphic arts industry.

HydriPrint 603 (Lucidene 603)

More information about HydriPrint 603 Lucidene 603

  • Excellent rheological properties, good transfer and printability

  • Good viscosity stability

  • Good pigment wetting

  • Low foaming, good compatibility with defoamers

  • Good grease and water resistance

  • Good ice crinkle resistance

  • Flexibility without detracting from block resistance

  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of flexible films that have been corona treated to a minimum of 35 dynes

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