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HydriPrint 605NV (Lucidene 605NV)

Emulsion Polymer

HydriPrint 605NV (Lucidene 605NV) - Description

HydriPrint 605NV is a low Tg polymer designed for adhesion to flexible films. It develops water and ice crinkle resistance rapidly after printing. It is compatible with a wide range of alcohols and glycol ether solvents along with typical styrene/acrylic polymers utilized in the graphic arts industry.

HydriPrint 605NV (Lucidene 605NV)

More information about HydriPrint 605NV Lucidene 605NV

  • Exceptional transparency and gloss

  • Excellent printability with sharp clear images and no hazing

  • Excellent adhesion to treated films, polyester, metalized polyester, polycoated board and foils

  • Excellent early water resistance and dry speed

  • Versatile sole binder or as the letdown in an ink for formulating non-skid overprints

  • Good alcohol compatibility

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