Hydrolite 5 green - Description

Hydrolite 5 green represents the next generation of sustainable pentylene glycol. 100% bio-based carbon, Hydrolite 5 green is made by a patented process from bagasse, a by-product coming from sugar cane which is ethically and responsibly sourced.

From classical to green formulations, from light to rich textures, Hydrolite 5 green is the ideal multifunctional ingredient that will boost the performance of active ingredients, moisturize the skin, improve the sensorial profile of formulas and enhance the product protection.

More information about Hydrolite 5 green

  • 100% Bio-based carbono
  • Boosts efficacy of actives
  • Moisturizes
  • Ehnances product protection
  • Improves formulation esthetics and sensorial profile

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