Irgafos - Description

Irgafos comprises a range of secondary antioxidants for use in organic substrates such as plastics, synthetic fibers and elastomers. It ensures thermal protection and long-term durability as well as the integrity of polymer properties during processing.

Irgafos processing stabilizers and blends thereof ensure processing stability (color and viscosity retention). They protect polymers from thermo-oxidative degradation during processing.

As a secondary antioxidant, they react with hydroperoxides formed by auto-oxidation of polymers, preventing process induced degradation and extending the performance of the primary antioxidant.


More information about Irgafos

  • Excellent processing stability
  • Prevention of polymer discoloration due to degradation
  • Hydrolytically stable phosphite processing stabilizer
  • Synergistic performance when used in combination with primary antioxidants from the Irganox range

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