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Range of Organic Pigments From Various Chemical Compositions: Dianisidine, Diarylides, BONA, Azo (2B-, 4B-toner), Lake Red C, Mono Azo

Irgalite - Description

The Irgalite series provides a wide range of classical organic pigments serving applications in a broad spectrum of value based applications from Industrial paints for domestic appliances to interior decorative wall paints. Irgalite pigments are comprised of a wide range of chemistries including Arylamide, Diarylide, Lake Red C, Bon Arylamide, Azo 2B and 4B Toners.


More information about Irgalite

  • Fair processing and end-use performance for non-critical plastics applications
  • Select grades afford low warping in HDPE
  • Suitable for use in PVC, Rubber, Polyurethanes and Polyolefins
  • Excellent color strength
  • Good transparency
  • Good rheology for aqueous, solvent-based and energy-curable inks
  • Relatively good fastness with various end-use requirements for printing inks

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