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Irgastat P

Permanent Antistatic Additives for Plastic Applications

Irgastat P - Description

Irgastat P provides a permanent ant-idust effect and improves the perceived quality of your application. Antistatic properties again add value especially in monofilament and tape applications.

Irgastat P can be used in a variety of applications and is specially recommended in electronic and industrial packaging, housings and parts of business machines.

When used in monofilaments and tapes, its benefits comprise:

  • Inherent antistatic network throughout the polymer
  • Immediate effect � starting with processing
  • Permanent effect during lifetime of polymer
  • Good performance at low humidity (< 10 % r. h.)
  • Solid form and easy processing
  • No migration

Irgastat P

More information about Irgastat P

  • Less dust and static effects
  • Provides permanent anti-dust effect
  • Improves perceived quality of finished plastic parts
  • Provides immediate antistatic effect

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