JetFil 625C - Description

JetFil 625C is a very fine, high purity, extremely platy, off-white talc with excellent top-size control that is recommended for excellent stiffness, HDT and dimensional stability as well as improved impact strength and aesthetics in high performance plastics. JetFil 625C is also ideal for nucleation of semi-crystalline plastics, for plastic films, foamed plastics, and for flame retardant applications.

JetFil 625C is highly compacted to maximize throughput, minimize dust, and to enable applications in the highest filled compounds and masterbatch products. JetFil 625C is used in a variety of plastics applications including in automotive, appliances, packaging, foaming, films, and wire and cable applications.

JetFil 625C

More information about JetFil 625C

  • Plastics for automotive and appliance applications � especially polyolefins
  • Foamed plastics
  • Packaging
  • Wire and cable applications
  • Plastic films
  • Semi-crystalline plastics
  • Flame retardant applications
  • Compounds and masterbatch applications

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